"It's not having what you want. It's wanting what you've got." –Sheryl Crow

FOs Week 30

Countdown: 5 Weeks left!

I had fun this week.  Knitting fun.  Yes, it happens.  And in the midst of all the fun, I was able to finish 4 objects.

Bus Hat

FO #1 was a plain and simple hat for a 16-year-old boy.  It’s my first Craftin’ for CASA piece.  Using some of my Sayelle in Navy, I followed the Bus Hat pattern (found here) by Kylie McDonnell-Wade (who was kind enough to give me permission to make it for charity rather than the specified “personal use only”).   It knit up in a couple hours.  I asked my fiance, “Is this too feminine.”  Maybe it is.  But it’s a unique beanie that you can’t buy at Walmart.  It says, “Someone made this just for me.”  I hope he likes it.

Tassel Scarf

FO #2 is also a Craftin’ for CASA donation.  A 16-year-old girl requested a blue and white striped scarf.  I dug in my stash to find a skein of old, dirty, dark turquoise Red Heart Wintuk yarn.  I wasn’t sure I could use it because it had these odd bits of foam in it, it looked stained, and it smelled… like GrandmaW’s house.  Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but….  I tried it anyhow.  I cast on 220 stitches and knit every row.  I put in two white stripes on either end, and then made tassels at Knitwise this week.  I cast-off at the craft-in.  This scarf has been a very real part of my knitting life, and I imbued it with laughter, excitement, and encouragement.  The yarn cleaned itself as I worked, so there’s no dirt, no stains, no issues.  It doesn’t even particularly smell.

Trudie Rattle

Then I just had some fun.  I really enjoy making toys!  I found a pattern for Trudie the Turtle here, and I had to make one!  Using a bit of Red Heart yarn in Leaf Green that was given to me one Christmas, I knit this little guy up in less than a day.  The worst part was all the finishing.  I thought I would never get the legs on, and seriously considered NOT putting legs on.  Finnicky little things!  In a bit of inspiration, I put a cat toy in the stuffing, so it rattles.  I also made the face out of yarn so it’s infant-friendly.


When I was done with Trudie, I cast on for Bart.  Oh, he’s probably my favorite so far.  I found the Bartholomew pattern here, and love love loved it.  I’ve had this skein of Red Heart Wintuk in Sea Green that I had NO idea what to do with.  Really atrocious yarn.  But it inspired me this week.  It spoke to me.  It said, “alien monster.”  Now, I originally meant to follow the pattern and have a one-eyed alien monster, but when it came time to do the face, I forgot.  Instead, I have two slanted blue eyes and a friendly mouth.  The hair was my idea.

I really enjoy toys.  I think Trudie might go to the CASA project, for a one-year-old little boy, unless one of my other classmates has something else to give.  Bart will probably end up at a children’s shelter, making kids happy for as long as he can.  I’m running out of time, but also running out of objects in the tally!  It’s time to start focusing on the giving aspect more than the making.  On crafting the world more than crafting the objects.  Isn’t it exciting?

Four More Objects!


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  1. Hi, I’m glad you like the hat! I love the colour you chose. I’m just happy I could help you out with your charity project!


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